Wat is Hobbyhorsing? Paardensport met een fantasierijke twist

What is Hobbyhorsing? Equestrian sports with an imaginative twist

Hobbyhorsing is a crazy sport that came from Finland to the Netherlands, and it's all about creativity, imagination and a touch of horsepower. In this article we delve deeper into this emerging phenomenon that is turning equestrian sports upside down.

The riders without horses

Hobbyhorses is a unique hobby in which participants bring out their inner rider without actually riding a real horse. Instead, they take the reins of their 'hobby horse', a wooden stick with a horse's head at the end. It's like a fusion between horse riding and a vivid imagination – and it's wildly popular!

Finnish roots and Dutch wings

The origins of hobby horsing lie in Finland, where it has developed from a strange hobby into a complete sport with more than 10,000 enthusiastic members. Mainly teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 give free rein to their creativity while taming their hobby horses. This furious sport has reached the Netherlands and is quickly conquering the hearts of young and old.

Competitions and creativity

What's so exciting about hobby horsing? Well, besides the fact that you don't have to muck out a stable every morning, it's all about creative expression. Participants take part in competitions where they let their hobby horses jump over obstacles, perform impossible dressage exercises and let their imagination run wild during show rounds. It's not just about who is the fastest, but also about originality and technical skills.

Everyone in the saddle

One of the greatest charms of hobby horsing is its accessibility. You don't need pockets full of money to try this sport, unlike owning a real horse. It's a great way for young children, teens and even adults to experience equestrian sports without the high costs and time commitment of owning a horse.

Hobbyhorsing brings a breath of fresh air to the world of equestrian sports. With a mix of imagination, creativity and a touch of competition, this trend has captured the hearts of people looking for a unique and accessible way to unleash their inner rider. So, if you've ever felt like you have a horseman in you, but don't have the stable space or budget, definitely consider joining the vibrant world of hobby horse riding!

image source: Keppihevosharrastaj a